If you do not see dancers moving around then you probably have a non-standard Java VM such as the old Java 1.1 distributed by Microsoft with Internet Explorer. You will need to upgrade to the latest Java VM from Sun. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to upgrade.

This dance is the second dance ever coded. It was picked because it was more complex and we thought that if this dance could be coded then most dances could be coded. It makes extensive use of figures (eights, heys, turns, circles), most of which are defined once but danced multiple times in multiple places.

You will notice a lot of numbers in the XML specification. We wanted to avoid the amount of numbers, especially non-intuitive ones, so after we coded this dance we looked at ways to reduce the amount of numbers. One way was to allow positions and directions to be defined with names. Another way was to allow the XML specification to define movements in which two people may collide but to define which person has the right of way. The dance animation code then adjusts the movements to avoid a collision. This avoids the need to move dancers to hard-coded intermediate co-ordinates in order to avoid a collision.

View The XML specification for this dance. The animation was generated from this XML.

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