If you do not see dancers moving around then you probably have a non-standard Java VM such as the old Java 1.1 distributed by Microsoft with Internet Explorer. You will need to upgrade to the latest Java VM from Sun. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to upgrade.

As you can see, there are some errors in this dance. Some may be errors in the XML coding of the dance specification and some may be errors in the Java code. I do not know why hands are not taken after the first four bars but that should be an easy one to fix. Also, if anyone can find the music in abc format then it would be nice to add that.

If you look at the XML, you will see that this dance makes use of a recently developed method for getting the dance animation code to avoid collisions. The XML must specify which of two dancers has the right of way. The timings are then adjusted. This is not working that well, and it may be necessary to get the dance animation to alter the path taken by the dancers slightly as well as altering the timing. This is work that needs to be done.

View The XML specification for this dance. The animation was generated from this XML.

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